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The new PS Vita TV has features that you will surely want to see.

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Facts about PlayStation Vita TV and new slim model

The PlayStation Vita, since its production, has gained mixed opinions from different lots of people. Some were disappointed at the said handheld device and some may have also been satisfied enough to want more. But still, it doesn’t change the fact that the sales of PlayStation Vita aren’t that good.
Well, just when you think that Sony has fired of their best bet, then think again. Well, as of November 24, 2013, a new PlayStation Vita was released in Japan also known as PS Vita TV. This may be the hope for the PS Vita release and regain its reputation. So before getting fired up and immediately buying one on your urge, better get to read some facts about this new model.
First of all, the PlayStation Vita TV will allow you to play on the big screen with a Dual Shock 3 controller thanks to the inclusion of slots for software and memory cards. Figured out why they named it TV at the end right? Well, it also has been confirmed that with this feature, remote play is also allowed in the PS Vita.
The PlayStation Vita also boasts a 1GB of internal memory and will be connected to your HD TV via HDMI cables. Also, as an upgrade, it is also confirmed that rather than Dual Shock 3, there will be availability later on to Dual Shock 4 controller. Though it is unknown when that will happen, it will surely help in building up that excitement in people waiting for it.
In physical terms, the PlayStation Vita TV measures in 6.5 cm by 10.5 cm. And weigh 110 grams. Also, during its first release in Japan last November, the PS Vita TV came in with six different colours available; Pink; yellow; white; gray; lime green; and light blue. Well, that’s plenty of choices to choose from right?
The PlayStation Vita TV can also stream PlayStation Store to boot and is compatible with over 100 PS Vita game titles in addition to digitally downloaded games for PSP and PlayStations.
And also, you will enjoy longer gaming with the new PlayStation Vita as there will be an extra juice for one more hour. With this you may play up to 6 hours to satisfy your game cravings.
Sony really had a tough spot with their release of PlayStation Vita, and with this new model, we should expect that maybe, they’ll be returning the favour and give us something that will surely be of top-class.

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