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Here are certain features of PS Vita that maybe overlooked.

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

Tips in using your PlayStation Vita

Gaming, gaming and gaming. Well, that’s certainly what you think is on the mind of hardcore gamers, but for some this isn’t the case. The game console, like the PlayStation Vita is an important part of the gaming experience, so maximizing its capabilities and use is probably ahead of gaming itself. Knowing all the ins and outs of PlayStation Vita will surely help you increase the joy of using it.
Well, many drawbacks are being mentioned regarding the PlayStation Vita. There were disappointments regarding its features and such, but putting those aside, PlayStation Vita still has features that no other portable devices have, and will surely be enjoyed by owners.
Incredible features that can only be found in PlayStation Vita is tucked in it like it was hidden. You might just miss them if you aren’t observant. If you’re amazed already by the visual graphics of PlayStation Vita games, then you will be more amaze once you see its advance settings. Just hold your finger on the touchscreen during a game and such, then the settings will appear. It contains options like Bilinear Filtering and Colour Spacing, which will produce smoother and more vivid visuals for you to gawp at.
You can also make your PSN ID look more appealing than ever. You should just go to settings, click on PlayStation Network, account information, then tap in your password and voila you will be presented with different features to change including your Avatar.
You can also change audio and graphic settings even when you’re in the middle of the game. Just by holding down that button underneath the left analogue stick, your PlayStation Vita’s graphics and audio can be changed even while playing.
One thing that is also overlooked is its capability to connect to wi-fi hotspot that includes your Smart phone and its capability to connect to your PS3 at home. With the high price of memory for the Vita proving slightly prohibitive, Remote Play is now more useful than ever for gaining access to more content on the go.
PlayStation Vita is not all that bad especially if you consider all the positive things you may attain from it. This may not be more of tips but identification of its hidden features, but more or so, this may help you gain more confidence in buying or using a PlayStation Vita.

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