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How to clean your PlayStation Vita’s Touch Screen

Having the screen of your device especially if its touch screen be smudged or scratched and such is extremely undesirable and annoying for many. It does not only lower the visual value of your device but it may also lower the gaming experience you’ll have. That’s why for devices like the PlayStation Vita, a cleaning like no other may be done in order for it to be used at its maximum capacity.
It may be enough for an individual to just polish and wipe of the screen of your PlayStation Vita, but if you want it to remain with that kind of appearance, then you may as well do your utmost best at cleaning it with certain reminders in your mind.
In cleaning lenses or screens of your device like the PlayStation Vita, the first step and most noticeable is to dust it off. Unless you enjoy having scratches on your device, you would want to dust if off gently. You may use a camera-lens brush if it’s available but if not, you may use a cleaning cloth. Just be careful in using it and be reminded not to grind it to the screen, it will just scratch your screen and leave an undesirable problem with your PlayStation Vita. You may say it’s unnecessary to do so because of the sturdiness of today’s screens, but it won’t hurt to do so as it will only take you a few minutes at most to dust off your PlayStation Vita’s Screen.
If you’re going to wipe it, you should wipe it wet. Why? This is because when dusts are still on the device, it is more possible to grind them on the screen, leaving undesirable scratches. If there’s liquid on the screen, dusts will slide away rather than be grinded. You may be hesitant to putting liquid especially on your PlayStation Vita and if it’s the case, then you may also use alcohol to do the cleaning.
More importantly, the most important thing you will have to consider is the cloth you’re going to use to wipe the screen of your PlayStation Vita. Avoid paper towels and bathroom or kitchen linens, and use a cloth meant for cleaning electronics or camera lenses instead. It may not be enough to just use soft cloths, microfibers will be the best for the job. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that microfiber has about the softest, smoothest surface you can possibly get, so it'll give you the best clean. The other reason is that there are no big spaces between fibers for dust to get caught.
With just these simple reminders, the cleaning of your PlayStation Vita will be on its optimum level and its cleanliness will surely be something that benefits you. You may or may not do this, but if you want your PlayStation Vita to retain its condition, then this may be necessary.

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