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Here are steps to Mod your PlayStation Vita to use USB

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Your PlayStation Vita Mod to use USB

The battery of a portable device is simply the life of your gaming experience. My brother even mentioned that its battery, aside from its gameplay is what its truly worth. If it dies early on you while you’re playing, then it isn’t much of a portable device. Well, this problem does also address to PlayStation Vita.
As some may know, especially PlayStation Vita owners, this device has a poor battery life. This maybe different from one’s opinion, but still, having a portable device dying on you while you’re outside will be such a disappointment. This could rather be fixed by just simply charging it and this is where the other problem of PlayStation Vita lies.
PlayStation Vita has a feature which doesn’t allow it to charge using a USB. You will need to use the adapter which comes with it in order to charge it, and this may not be a problem at first but it surely will be. Imagine once you go out and work, and your computer is the only thing in front of you aside from your dead PlayStation Vita. What you will want to do is charge it through your computer or laptop, but it won’t because it can’t!
Well, instead of complaining, owners and other modifiers modified the PlayStation Vita to allow USB usage in charging. Interesting right? Well, what you should do first is a USB bridge adapter. It can be bought at Amazon for 554 yen but still, if you want, you can still search for other sources. Once you do have it, open the adapter by force or screw driver. Well, it’s up to you as long as you open it correctly.
Once you did that, you’ll see five wires and what you need to do is cut off the green and white wire and this will cause all wires to fall off. Don’t panic as this will certainly happen and what you need to do next is to solder the red and black wires and two pins back.
After you’ve done that, you may try it on other devices to check if it will work. Once it does, just glue the cover of the adapter back and enjoy a longer play time with your PlayStation Vita.
It’s incredibly amazing how people find solutions to this kind of problems. With this, one of the most commonly addressed problems of PlayStation Vita, is solved, and you may enjoy charging your Vita on those USB ports now.

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