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There are certain problem is a PlayStation Vita that may be addressed to improve it and its sales.

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

Problems with PlayStation Vita

Out of all portable gaming consoles, PlayStation Vita can be considered one to be a commercial failure. This is because problems that weren’t noticeable during the announcement came up that became the ingredients to its upcoming and possible downfall in the market. But still, on the other hand, PlayStation Vita is still a gaming console owned and wanted by many and if problems are fixed from it, then maybe it could earn and pull back some attention once again.
The PlayStation Vita’s browser is said to be extremely poor. Its browser, NetFront is the browser for mobile phones 15 years ago. Back then, this browser will surely make a lot of sense but nowadays, it just seems to be not that good compared to browsers of Androids and Smart Phones.
Yes, the PlayStation Vita can play PS3 Games but it lacks support for the games below like PS1 games. Its predecessor, the PSP had a PS1 support but it doesn’t. It is something that should be placed as many older people who have played PS1 wants to re-play those games back then.
Also, The Playstation Vita has poor game titles. Sony has promised for the game titles to be updated every week and tons of games will still be added to your choices, but up until now, there’s still an extreme lack on it. There’s also the problem with the pricing of its memory card that became issue of people. Rumours also have it that Playstation Vita memory cards are just normal memory sticks.
One of the common problems on consoles like PlayStation Vita is the pricing for games. But for some, the prices of games for this console is far too much than they can handle. Yes, it is still much cheaper than PS3 games but still, its price is still more than what people expected.
Its 3G model is also one its biggest problems. It certainly is more expensive than the regular Wifi PlayStation Vita but its differences is not that big except on the part that 3G has many limitations and is poor in terms of network.
PlayStation Vita on the other hand is said to be sturdy and it could be seen and noticed with its size which lead us to its next problem. Portable devices should be “Portable” but due to the size of PlayStation Vita, many people even refrains from bringing it with them as it is too big to put in something on-reach of an owner.
Also, PlayStation Vita is advertised to be multimedia devices that won’t only entertain gaming but also non gaming applications. This earned it much reputation but this also became one of its problems today. All of its non gaming application is said to be bad, if not bad, maybe worst. Especially nowadays wherein Android and Smart Phones are spreading fast, PlayStation Vita is surely a disappointment in terms of non gaming application. According to people’s opinion, the Playstation Vita may as well be just taking the same path its predecessor took.
PlayStation could have become a hit, a phenomenon. But problems with it definitely became a setback for it than lead to its failure. If nothing is changed, then its fame won’t certainly rise and I think it will just be a matter of time before other consoles surpass its accomplishment.

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