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The PS Vita has incredibly low sales than to other gaming consoles

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PlayStation Vita after its production

The release of different gaming consoles is something that takes the attention of people in an amazing level. Even only during certain announcements, people certainly entertains these kind of things and one of these gaming consoles that caught the attention of masses is the PlayStation Vita.
It only had been a couple of years after the announcement and release of information of the PlayStation Vita. Back then the device earned much applause and it was obvious that it had a good impact and gathered a strong reputation. There was a palpable excitement during the announcement and it caught attention of different people, not only those of the PlayStation community but even those who aren’t part of the community.
It was a healthy launching and this launching that we thought would be the start of the best portable console after its predecessor the PSP, may be characterized or said to be a false or understatement. Yes, the PlayStation Vita is undeniably a great device, and its gaming experience maybe better than its predecessor, but it still can’t deny the fact that after its release, its sales trajectory is considered to one of the ultimate commercial failures.
PlayStation Vita’s sales fall behind the sales of PS3 and its predecessor itself. This sales prove that PlayStation Vita lack the power in its sales. According to predictions and estimates, the Vita may have sold about six million units from its release. Some might think this isn’t bad but once you compare it to the PS3 who have half of this total in just weeks and the PSP which surpassed Vita’s sales by 75 million units, you will surely say that these odds are is bad.
Some say it’s a shame that it turned to be this way because Sony could’ve fixed and addressed to some of its problems sooner. According to opinions, it also came out that the PlayStation Vita lacks huge games that could probably turned into a hit. It didn’t have that ‘Zing’ like Mario and such to have been able to catch the attention of people of all ages.
Prices aside, PlayStation Vita is still a great portable game console. If you can afford it, it will still be something worthwhile and fun. The games are great but it just didn’t have that kind of impact like other games that did. If the problems of this great console aren’t addressed sooner, then maybe later on it could be what causes the PlayStation Vita to have no chance of being commercially viable.

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