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Here are Modification on the hardware of a PlayStation Vita

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Hardware Mod on PlayStation Vita

Having a game console sure rock and you’ll surely be able to boast it to your friends. But some people are not simply intrigued or amazed by the simple appearance or physical features of a natural game console may it be a PSP or a PlayStation Vita. This could be one of the reasons that urged people to modify the hardware of PlayStation Vita.
Modifying is not only limited to hacking the software of something and being able install something unlicensed to it, this is proven by people who managed to make and introduce hardware modification to PlayStation Vita that you may deem to be amazing or maybe the complete opposite for some but still, knowing them won’t hurt you right?
The first mod in this amazing PlayStation Vita is something that concerned its Trigger Grip. Though it can’t be actually identified as a Mod, still making the Trigger Grip more comfortable as possible is something that proves the dedication of a gamer to increase his gaming experience. The second mod is something that you’ll be able to watch in Youtube. Yes you heard that right, it can be found in the Youtube wherein you’ll see the combination of PlayStation Vita and Arcade Fight Stick. This combination is simply crazy once you see it.
Next is the modification of LEDs. There are videos regarding this mod wherein a PlayStation Vita modified to shine pretty lights through the triggers will be seen. The LED’s are also sound activated that may deem to be a big help through your gaming.
One of the most important Mods in PlayStation Vita is addressed to its poor battery life. Well, if you’re going to play games outside, you’ll surely be left wanting for more, but no more! There are now mods that will help in increasing the playing time you’re going to have. The first of this mod is allowing your PlayStation Vita to charge using a USB and the second mod is a replacement battery that increases your play time.
The current holy grail of Vita hardware modifications must be much talked about Video Out feature. While this modification isn’t perfect in terms of performance /usability numerous gamers use this method capture their Vita play sessions.
Modifying may leave your PlayStation Vita’s warranty cancelled. But if done right, I think it will surely be worth it and of benefit to you. So, stash up some cash and maybe you’ll find someone to do these modifications to your awesome PlayStation Vita.

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