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You should know advantages and disadvantages of PlayStation Vita before buying one.

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

Pros and Cons of having a PlayStation Vita

Everything that needs payment shall be treated like an investment and taken care of. Well, that’s what my mother always tells me. I think it’s not wrong at all, and if you bear this in mind while buying game consoles or such, you will be able to control urge to buy it immediately especially if it’s portable consoles like the PlayStation Vita.
If you’re going to buy something for your entertainment, portable consoles like PlayStation will surely be the one for you, but remember, before buying it you should always take note of its advantages and disadvantages so as you won’t regret it later on. Not that you’ll regret it, I’m just saying that you may be able to find something that’ll suit your taste better when you get a look on it closer, and if you don’t then that will be the time for you to buy it.
So first let’s start looking closer to our PlayStation Vita. Well, PlayStation Vita is said to be the one who’ll continue the legacy of its predecessor the Portable PlayStation also known as PSP. They say it has greater graphics and performance than the PSP. And has Wi-fi built in. The PlayStation Vita has 5’ OLED screen capacitive screen with a HD resolution of 960×544 and neatly laid out controls that are evenly distributed on either side of the screen. It also allows you to play PS3 games over a network and 5 different ways to control characters on-screen. Yes, it has a fantastic gaming experience, has a sturdy build that will surely be in your favour, a stunning display and game titles which are available pre and post launch and still updating, but some things are too good to be true so you should still take note of its backfires.
PlayStation Vita is first of all very expensive, so if you don’t want to rip off your pockets then you’ll probably need to move on. PlayStation Vita costs more than PS3 or Xbox, but that’s just for the console itself, what more if you add all the expenses you’re going to make for memory cards and games? It has no internal memory and has a poor battery life. Aside from this, it can’t be charged using a USB. So much for portable if you ran out of battery. And lastly, many say it has a poor browser.
If all the backfires are something you can handle, then you need not to back out from your planned purchase. PlayStation Vita is something you’ll surely enjoy once you’ve accounted all of the things you’ll experience with it. It will be up to you to fill up that experience and make the reviews yourself.

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