PlayStation Vita

There are some features about the PlayStation Vita that is wanted by many people in regards to portability and usage.

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

Things about PlayStation Vita that gamers really wanted

Well, as much as portable gaming goes, the PSP probably was the best when it first came out. There were positive feedbacks to its coming and though all have wished some parts were placed on it, still they think it was already the best. Well, Sony proved this wrong by bringing up the PlayStation Vita to continue the legacy of the Portable PlayStation.
When you’re talking about portability, then maybe you can gauge it as to how it useful it can be when you’re outside right? Well, the PSP has limited features especially to non gaming applications. That’s why to fix this is the PlayStation Vita with features gamers and people will really want to have.
One thing that gamers really had complained at the beginning of PSPs are its lone analog stick. First person shooter games are practically impossible with just one stick so with the new PlayStation Vita, two analog sticks were planted and be used that is initially used to control the camera.
These days, almost all cellphone you will see outside are touch screen, even Sony’s competition, Nintendo has a gaming console with touch screen. And the PlayStation Vita is also their answer for that. Not only does the PS Vita have a touchscreen for its main display, but it also has a touchpad on the back, to add even more interesting possibilities.
Taking pictures is also one of the greatest usage of mobile phones today. When portability is concerned, if you’re going to base it on usage, then having one with camera will surely add points to its ratings, and this feature is also added to the PlayStation Vista. And Sony didn't just add one camera, it gave the PS Vita two: one rear-facing, and one front-facing.
Although not as great as the demands of other features, The PlayStation Vita also has a motion sensing feature or control which rather is awkward because it occupied what’s supposed to be the headphone jack.
Also, one of the best features of this is its ability to interact and connect to PS3. Remote play to connect with PS3 wasn’t a big deal with the original PSP as its practically unusable because of its specs and unavailability of second analog stick, with the PlayStation Vista, it will surely be a fun time with the new two analog sticks and the Remote Play.
Gaming, Gaming and more gaming can be done with the PlayStation Vita. With this lot of features, you can certainly say that it has carried the world of portable devices to another bar higher than it already is in.

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